Chartering an airplane is an option that you should check into every
time you travel. Many times, chartering can be the convenient and
logical choice that saves you both time and money, while providing
first class service.

Check out our available aircraft for charter and contact us.

The following are some factors that may indicate when a
charter plane is feasible:
  • When privacy is desired
  • When 3 or more are traveling coach or first class on the airlines
  • When the destination is not serviced by scheduled air
  • Fly on your schedule
  • When scheduled air causes extra overnighters in your schedule
  • When baggage or special shipment cannot afford being lost

Other benefits of chartering with First Av Group:
  • Special catering upon request
  • Fly into thousands of airports worldwide
  • Avoid congested commercial airports
  • Drive right to the door of your waiting aircraft
  • Ground transportation available
  • Complimentary bar and snacks on all flights
  • 24 hours / 7 days a week on demand service

About Us:
FAA Certified Air Carrier Certificate #: TY2A148K

First Av Group is
not a HAZMAT air carrier. Please see The Hazardous Materials
Regulations (HMR) federal transportation safety rules found in 49 CFR, parts 171-180.
First Av Group, LLC